ME 3D Printing Services

Bespoke Design

ME 3D Printing Services offers a fully bespoke design service, where using the power of the latest computer aided design software and 3D Printing machines, we can turn your design ideas into a physical object.

Whether you need an intricate machine part reproducing, are prototyping new and innovative products for your business or are a member of the public looking for simple, one-off creations, contact us today to find out how we can help.



We have already established experience creating completely bespoke projects based on the ideas of our clients, including a blanking plate for safety reasons for a dishwasher, and unique washers using a rubber filament. We can tailor this service to meet your requirements, with a wide selection of materials and sizes that our printers can capably handle, leading to a finished product with a high level of detail and production quality.

The pricing for items is based upon the amount of material required for their creation, so in many cases you may find your project will be far cheaper to produce via 3D Printing than through other methods or in the case of reproducing existing items, through their original manufacturers.

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